Corporate Purpose 2023

Development and upgrade Quality. In the quality at full potential within you.

First priority of quality upgrade. We should aim to raise the quality of work.

• Removal of NG delivered to the customer.

• Reducing NG in the manufacturing process is rigorous.

• Increasing production rates

• Strict in matters of personnel, training, and regulations must be strictly observed.

We must accelerate the confidence to guarantee the quality of products for new customers.

Prepare immediately for new customers (Denso Thailand).

• Quality and delivery Claims from clients must be 0.

With technology and advances 

Kobatech Thailand’s vision will be a world class supplier and producer of engine components by corporate governance principles and uncompromising safety standards, and manage of the environment. We intend move to forward with continued commitment for in the future.



ISO9001 : 2015 Quality Management System.



IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System.



ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.


Company Prolicy

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Quality Policy

For the realization of superior quality that continues to be trusted by customers

  • Customer satisfaction
    Provide the world’s best technology, products and service
  • Superior quality on a global level
    Realization of a consistently superior quality on a global level
  • Open & Fair
    Legal compliance
  • Continuous improvements
    Enhancing the effectiveness o f the quality management system

Environment Policy

For the realization of a society where the environment and cars can coexist

  • Technology
    Development of transmissions with efficient energy transfer
  • Prevention of pollution
    Prevention of environmental problems and legal compliance
  • Effective utilization of resources
    Minimization of the use of resources and energy
  • Continuous improvements
    Enhancing the effectiveness of the environmental management system

Safety Policy

Recognizing everyone's occupational health and safety is a top priority as part of our commitment to accident prevention.

  • Zero Accident OK.
    1. Safety must come before all tasks.
    2. Safety is more important than any work.
    3. Safety is the foundation of work efficiency, safety and work efficiency do not conflict.
    4. Safety begins with 5S.